Monday, October 30, 2006

Frogmouth - we have had the pleasure of these beautiful creatures company for two years in a row. Every year they come in August and stay until the chicks have grown up and learned to fly. When they leave their nest we miss them because every day they whilst they are in our garden they are here greeting us.

The picture you see is what we see from our front door, these massive gum trees are in our front garden ( I do curse them in December because they make such a huge mess). You can see Mum and the two chicks in this picture but on Sunday for the first time ever we had the entire family on the nest, Mum, Dad and the babes, they get shown off to all our visitors. Jared took this photo.

Well, that is it for posting today, it has taken me ages because I had some problem with the html. Arrrghhh! I am really tired now as it's 11.30 pm way past my bed time. And the only bit of knitting I did on my lace shawl was just two rows while I waited in the car at school pick up this afternoon.

Jared had a wonderful day on Sunday with some of his cousins and a couple of close friends. He wanted a number 10 cake so that was nice and simple to make.

My daughters' ex gave him a PSP - just what I needed, another thing to try and control his time over. It's so hard to get them off the computer and Play Station. Oh well.

Bing this is my other baby that keeps me busy and away from my knitting. He is 6 years old and a hand full, but you wouldn't think so when he is looking like this. But I don't mind because he keeps me fit, Vizsla's need a lot of regular exercise.

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monica said...

It looks like he had a really good time. I enjoyed the pictures of the Frogmouth, looks like an owl from the distance. We don't have these in the states, thanks for sharing. So very glad you liked your parcel.