Saturday, November 04, 2006


This was the parcel I sent to my Hot Sock Swap Pal Melinda in Canada. The parcel only took 8 days to get there which I thought was pretty good. Because when I did the lace swap that took 14 days to get to Rhode Island. I am very happy that Melinda liked the gooddies I sent. Some Australian Coffe, Ceylon Tea, 100% Merino 4ply sock yarn from TheKnittery
And last but not least a block of Lindt Chocolate, my favourtie.

Jared with our dogs. Bing and grandma, she is getting all white in the face now, ageing gracefully.

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monica said...

Wow, those are beautiful colors in the yarn for your partner. I love Lindt chocolate too. What more could you ask for, beautiful yarn and chocolate!