Thursday, December 28, 2006

Abbie and Bing -

I had two extra children on the 23rd December for a sleep over. Jared's friend Mitchell and his sister Abbie as their Mum and Dad and older brother Max went to Christmas function.

As you can see Bing just loves it when Abbie comes to visit because he is centre attention for Abbie. And boy, oh boy he sure makes the most of it. He curls over her legs and stays there for hours. He just can't get enough of Abbie and the attention she gives him. Both children enjoyed their sleep over and I made them pancakes for breakfast.

Christmas Presents
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
We had a lovely Christmas morning, first of all it rained, yeaahhh. It has been our driest December on record and we needed rain badly in the all of December this year it only rained 18.7mm. And not only did it rain but it also snowed in the hills, unbelievable. At least it helped our fire fighters a little. It meant that some of them could go home for Christmas.

The other present we got was that our daughter finally sold her house, it sounds like a funny present I know, but she has been trying to sell her house for ages.

Knitting Gifts
Feast your eyes on these lovely knitting gifts, they are from my daughter and her boyfriend. The Gossamer Webs Design Collection book from Amy and the lovely Colinette Parisienne in moss from Xavier. I also got some Robbie Williams Cd's from Amy.

Jared got me a gorgeous hessian teddy bear, a little bag made of patchwork and some more Robbie Williams Cd's.

Sock Blockers - are from Kim.
He made them for me for Christmas. We have been planning and designing for ages now to make personalised knitting items to sell and sock blockers are just one of the things that we will be making.

He really surprised me with these as I haven't seen the finished product at all. He is very clever and I'm pretty proud of him really (he doesn't know that though).

I won't be blogging for a while as Jared and I are going to have a break. We are goint to the beach where my parents have a small beach house at Venus Bay and we will be spending some hopefully much needed relaxing time there.

I wish you all a very happy, safe and prosperous 2007!


monica said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Those personalized sock blockers look great. I hope you have wonderful vacation!

melissa said...

i've enjoyed looking through your blog .I'm so impressed with your hanging vines scarf ( i have yet to start the diamond fantasy .or should that be find the right wool to finish it )..
You know .......I think we may belong to a few of the same knit a longs .!!
melissa from woolly jumper

NattyChick said...

Hi Helen, any idea when you might begin to sell the sock blockers? I have been after a pair of those for ages! They look great.