Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thank You!!!

My SP10 Pal sent me two lovely Hallmark e cards and I just wanted to say a big thank you to her.
I have never received an e card before and they are just gorgeous. Thanks again SP10 Pal.

Also wanted to say anther two big thank yous to two lovely ladies I met at Heirloom Knitting Yahoo group, Laritza and Anne . Laritza for being kind enough to organizing the purchase and posting of two sets of Knit Picks needles from the States for Anne and I. And to Anne for bringing them over to my house.

I haven't tried the needles out yet but I will be tomorrow (Sunday)night and take some pic's and let you all know what they are like.

I would have love to try them out today but we are having an extremely busy social weekend this weekend so my lovely set of needles must wait a little bit longer.

I couldn't blog without a picture so thought I'd show you this. I purchased these on ebay a couple of months ago. To become socks for DH and DS. For some reason DH likes to wear the occasional matching thing with DS I have no idea why.

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monica said...

I hope you have a great weekend. I love that Opal, I believe I have that colorway in my stash.