Monday, September 24, 2007

Orchids - Diamond Fantasy - Silk

At this time of the year (spring) I have these magnificent orchids that flower and grow in pots in my garden even though they are extremely neglected. My ex-neighbour couldn't understand how they flower such beautiful blooms each year. She tries to grow them too but they are very poor in comparison.
I've had these orchids for 16 years, I started off with just one pot and now I have three pots of these beauties.

My Diamond Fantasy is coming along nicely. This is a Kaalund 2ply merino yarn in Waterlily I like this colourway. There is no pooling and the yarn is really springy, it should block well.

I also received my backorder from Kaalund their 2ply silk Enchente, for my store. The four colours I chose are Natural, Bush Fire, Pacific and Silky Oak. This yarn is very luxurious and feels divine, the colours are so rich and vibrant. And of course I am knitting socks too. These are from " Favorite Socks " from Interweave, Embossed Leaves Socks.

I decided to knit these in Cherry Treee Hills colourway Tropical Storm. This is another yarn I've never used before and I like this one too. It's tightly spun & gives great definition and the colour speaks for it self.
I've joined a couple of sock kal's Southern Summer of Socks and Sockmania.

Oh...... and there is something seriously wrong with my computer, it was bad enough that we had no connection for 3 days and I was having serious withdrawal symptoms but now there seems to be some other problem with it . Kim was feeling better so he sort of fixed it for me but apparently it needs more work. It has taken me hours and hours to post this and as for the photo's I have no idea how they managed to shrink down to such a small jpg or even if they've worked out ok or not. So here's hoping.

Well that's all for now from me. Hope you all have a great week!


Terri said...

I've made the embossed leaves socks before and I have to say I like yours done in that Cherry Tree Hill yarn much better than the yarn I did mine in. It stretched and I ended up giving my socks to my daughter who has slightly larger feet than me. Such a shame after all that work. Yours look fantastic though!

monica said...

I am so glad to hear Kim is feeling better, that is wonderful!!

The new yarn for the shop is beautiful, and the shawl is so pretty.

I love the socks you are knitting. I recently sold a few sock designs to Cherry Tree hill for their new Sockittome sock yarn. It feels totally different than the yarn you are knitting with but, it is still lovely to work with.

I hope the computer behaves, I go through withdrawal when mine is on the blink too.

Natalie said...

Helen, I am so pleased to hear that Kim has been given the all clear. What a fantastic piece of news!! Also, I am SO envious of htose orchids! They are one of my favourite flower and DH buys them for me periodically. I try very hard to maintain and look after them but they generally end up dying. I am at a loss as to how to care for them!! You seem to have a natural talent!!

Sue H said...

Ah! Computers. I had similar problems, and now I have no sound, and the printer is showing as not connected, even though it is.
Your Store???? Didn't know you had one. What's the URL?