Sunday, January 30, 2011

A hot day!

Unfotrunately as it's been hot over the past couple of days not much knitting has been done.
As you can see on the photo even our kitten is feeling the heat.
Nor have I've really been in the mood to knit which is most unlike me.  I hope I haven't lost my knitting mojo.  I have always enjoyed knitting and it has always helped me relax and so it's definitely something that I don't want to loose if I can help it. 

I did receive some lovely Wollmeise yarns that I bought on the 14th January. And apart from some lace weight that's to come I am on a strict yarn diet until I use up a lot of my stash as I feel that it has gone out of control. 
I signed up for a yarn club last year which will be the only new yarns that I will be getting.
So what arrived last Friday is twin in Spice Market medium.  Not sure what this one will be it's not enough for a cardigan so it will need to be a shawl.

And Im Jafhr de Ratt this one is for my Austin Hoodie the colour looks more blue then gray in this photo but it is more grey and brown then blue.

And that's it for today.

My holidays are over and I am back at work tomorrow.

Happy Knitting Everyone!!!


2paw said...

That poor kitten looks very hot. I love the way dogs and cats cool themselves by 'airing' their bellies.
Good luck with your diet!!

Patrizia said...

What a gorgeous photo of your cat!