Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy News and Some Knitting News Too

 A couple of weeks ago my daughter and her boyfriend announced their engagement.  I am so happy as they make a wonderful couple.  So we've been busy organising the engagement party and discussing wedding plans.  

And amidst all this going on she flew off today to the US for her work for seven days.   But yesterday we went wedding dress shopping for Amy and also her friend Katie.  My mum came too and another friend of Amy and Katie's met us there.  Katie is getting married October this year.  Sadly her mum is very ill so she could not be there with Katie.  It was great as both Amy and Katie ended up choosing a design they liked and look absolutely beautiful in. It was a very happy and emotional time for everyone.  I can't believe that the time has come for my daughter to get married.   Where has the time gone I do not know?

And for some knitting  my Rosemarkie  is coming along  although I did make an error and had to frog the ribbing and start again. I've done one repeat of the pattern so far I will post a picture of that another time.  It's been a long time since I've knitted Fair Isle and I've forgotten how much I enjoy it.    I did do a swatch  I've been doing swatches lately because I figured one day I will make a throw out of them all.  Just as well I did a swatch as my gauge was out and I had to go up a needle size

I have also finished the little Provence cardigan for Indigo and I will give it to Jane at Amy's engagement party.  

It's autumn  here in Victoria and we've been having some beautiful sunny days.  And autumn also means figs and in our garden we the most beautiful little fig tree that is full with figs.  So today before we went to my parents for lunch I picked some for them as Mum loves figs. 
The figs are a really a nice size this year and very tasty.  I can't believe the shops are selling them for $20 a kg.  I wish I knew how to dry them as I love them dry more then fresh.  But the fresh ones look great in a bowl and I couldn't help but think how wonderful the colours of a fig would look in a skein of wool.

And of course some lovely yarn goodness I bought these two lovely skeins from The Frearless Knitter to make the Sockstravanza sock by Kristen Kapur that I fell in love with from a book called Brave New Knits that I recently purchased .  I love the colour combo so I decided to knit it in exactly the same colourway. 

And that is it from me for this post. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and got lots of knitting done!

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Rebecca in CO said...

Congratulations on your daughter's engagement! What an exciting time it is. My daughter got married three years ago and her wedding day was as magical to me as the day of her birth. They do grow up fast!

Your Rosemarkie ribbing looks great! And, I absolutely love the Sockstravaganza sock you will be knitting. I made the mistake of linking to Ravelry and seeing what else is in that book and now I think I need it! :-)