Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tired and no pics.

I haven't blogged for a while. Christmas in the toy industry is always busy. I had to do an exhibition at Melbourne Uni this week from Friday to Satruday, every year they have this big conference on for Early Childhood Educators and they get people in from all over the world, so you get to meet some very interesting people. Then today in at work all day making up name puzzles for orders. It's 8.10 I still have not had any dinner and I am sooooooo tired. But worst of all I tried to do some knitting between the session at the Uni and kept stuffing up my lace. I am so close to finishing it and last night I had to rip back 5 rows. I could cast off now because it is long enough but I don't want to waiste the silk yarn.

Also I don't use life lines because I never have before and I just think it would add much more time to the work but now I'm not so sure. I think I would probably have saved time.

I still haven't finished the socks either because work and house work is taking up sooooooooo much of my time. I've even neglected taking my poor dogs for a walk.

Even though I live in Melbourne I don't get to go to Lygon Street so while I was doing the exhibition at Melbourne University between the sessions I went for a walk to admire all the lovely shops.

I spotted Borders so I thought that I would go and check out if they had any good knitting books ( not that my knitting library needs any more, but I reckon you can never have enough). I saw the Magazine sign first so I went over and I probably shouldn't have. Wanna know why? Well, recently I subscribed to IK magazine in the US and I have not yet received my IK Winter 06 issue and guess what was on Borders magz shelf. Yep, you guessed it IK winter 06.

Wouldn't you think that they would or should get it out to their subscribers first. After all they do get paid in advance for it! I was so disgusted that I just walked out of there and forgot to look at the knitting books. That will teach me not to get so up tight about things.

Anyhow, I am off to do some knitting and I promise to have some pictures next time.


monica said...

IK is notorious for being late to get the issues out. I cancelled my subscription for that reason and just buy it at the yarn shop now.

lisette said...

don't have mine yet either :( and this happens fairly regularly too. when i complained about not receiving the spring issue they sent me 3 copies of the last winter issue - all posted separately!