Friday, December 08, 2006

FIRST TOE UPS - These will be my first toe ups ever. I like the fact that it starts from the toe and the figure 8 cast on wasn't too bad. I joined the KAL at AussieKnitters and that's the pattern I am using. I'm hoping that they will be finished for Christmas. The wool is just gorgeous it is so lovely and soft and nice to work with it's merino cashmere hand dyed 4ply sock yarn (I know, according to the KAL instruction I should be using 8ply but I wanted to try this yarn out) that I bought from TheKnittery and the colour is ForestMoss. I will be using this yarn again it really is very nice. I have more pictures to post of my other UFO's but I did something wrong when I named the files so they will have to wait till Kim is up so he can help me sort out what I had done wrong. So happy knitting everyone for now and I will do some more posting later.


fitknit said...

Hey, gorgeous yarn!

Happy to read your girl is OK. Must have been a very nasty time for you all. You are absolutely right, though, we never know just how serious things are and must get them checked by those who do!

monica said...

What a lovely color of green. And how can anything with cashmere be anything but wonderful to work with. I am sure you will finish them by Christmas.