Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Well I haven't done any posting for a while again and no knitting pics today. I have been in hospital emergency with my daughter last night till 2.00 am this morning as they all thought she had an overran cyst or appendicitis. After blood tests and urine tests and hours and hours of waiting and poor Jared fell asleep on a chair while we waited. They sent Amy and us home and said to go to her local doctor in the morning as her severe pains subsided. So we took her home and got to bed somewhere around 2.40 am. Got a phone call again this morning at 8am sorry Mum but my pains are back can you please book me in to your doctors.

Her boyfriend took her to the docs and she was told to go straight to Monash Hospital. Again either an overran cyst or appendix. Once again after blood tests, urine tests and ultra sounds and hours and hours of waiting and stressing that she will need to have surgery, thank goodness its a UTI(urinary tract infection). Poor Amy felt bad because she thought it was something more major, I told to thank God that she didn't need surgery and UTI are not "just" they are serious and obviously very painful otherwise they wouldn't have given her morphine several times during the day.

They had to consult a surgeon to get a prognosis because no one thought of looking at her kidneys on the ultrasound and no one mentioned that the urine test showed up bacteria. They seemed to drag everything out in hospitals, but all the staff were very warm and friendly and just couldn't do enough to help.

My sister in law Leanne works there, she works in maternity and she was such wonderful help. She came down and chatted to us, got us lunch and coffee and even made us laught. She spoke to the nurses and the surgeon because she knew all the right questions to ask. Thank you so much Leanne for all your kindness and help.

We got home at 7pm today and I am tired but I am very thankful that my daughter doesn't need surgery and that for now she is well.

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monica said...

Well, I am sure you are relieved. The unknown is always scary. Get out some knitting and relax a bit, and then get some sleep.