Saturday, January 13, 2007

Knitting Presents After All!
It was my birthday this week and I received knitting related presents after all. My parents gave me money and I bought some more yarns but that will have to be another story for another day.
In the morning of my birthday I received breakfast in bed from Jared and Kim. Yummy toast with organic honey and a lovely hot cup of tea. I took the day of and had a nice quiet time at home with Jared and his friend Mitchell which freed me up for doing some knitting. Then at 5pm Amy came over and cooking dinner started.

She organized the dinner menu and cooked it all with Kim. They made garlic and coriander fried prawns and baked Snapper with baked potato and salad.

For dessert we had birthday cake my Mum and Dad got me Bacci chocolate cake which is to die for. And now for the presents, drum roll please - I received three balls of Adobe Inca Tops 2ply for lace knitting in Jade. It's 70% Alpaca and 30% silk. There's 700 metres in one ball so I have plenty to make a beautiful large lace shawl. It feels beautiful and I can't wait to knit with it. I also got 2 sets of bamboo knitting needles 7mm and 9mm and Jo Sharp Holiday knitting book. All these were bought by Amy's boyfriend to whom she gave strict instruction in where to go (Sunspun) and what to buy. Amy told me he rang her three times from the yarn store to make sure he was getting the right things. Isn't he wonderful.

These are the socks I'm knitting for my Vintage Sox KAL that I mentioned in my previous post. I hope they fit as Kim has size 11 feet and I didn't make any adjustment's to it. I guess I could always give it to one of my nephews for their birthday and knit Kim another pair. We shall see how it progresses.

This picture I just had to put in because these flowers are just amazing. I went for my usual walk with the dog on Thursday morning and there is a gum tree on an empty block of land in full bloom with these wonderful flowers. They are just so beautiful I couldn't resist picking sum. This particular variety comes in reds as well but I think the orange one is the most beautiful.

And that's it for my posting today. It is now 10pm Jared is till up as I'm buys doing this and I would like to do some more knitting before bed. Mind you I do have a huge load of ironing to do again but that will have to wait another day. Happy knitting everyone.


monica said...

I am so happy you had a nice birthday and got some knitting supplies, what a good boyfriend your Amy has to buy you yarn. Love the yarn you are using for Kim's socks. And the picture of the gum tree flower is gorgeous.

Katt said...

Hi Helen!

You won the comp over on my blog. If you could contact me via my blog info we can sort out how to get your prize to you.

I LOVE the gorgeous purples you are knitting the socks with at the moment!!

And Happy belated Birthday too!