Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I won!

Today has been a wonderful day! Katt was running a competition to see if we could guess how many things she cast on and finished in 2006. My guess was 79, I was just 1 short but it was close enough for me to win. I'm very excited it's like receiving a surprise birthday present. Thank you Katt.

Katt sells hand dyed yarns and they are just beautiful.

It's been extremely hot here not at all knitting weather but even so I did manage to knit a few rows of the socks I'm trying to finish for Kim's birthday.

Today I had the day off from work and cast on for the Cameron Shawl from Heirloom Knitting. It's my goal to finish this this year. I bought it last year and froged it 3 times and decided to put it away(give up in other words). Then today I was reading all the posts on the group site and saw a finished photo of it in black which is what mine will be and that really inspired me it looks stunning. So keep your fingers crossed for me please.

No photos today as I had to give my daughter back her camera, but I will borrow it back from her on the weekend and post some pictures.

Happy knitting everyone!


m said...

Well done ..I can't believe she knit 80 items ...hence my way smaller guess.!!
The Cameron shawl looks beautiful on the link .Good luck with it ..I'm sure its 4th time lucky ..
I'm awaiting the forest path stole pattern ..the wool has arrived and I'm ITCHING to knit !!

Helen said...

Thanks M, I know...I wish I could knit as fast as Katt. The forest path stole looks gorgeous,oh, if only my credit card wasn't maxed out!

Katt said...

There were a lot of small things in that 80 though! lol. Baby socks and the sort.

I do hope you like the colourway you will be getting. Its one of my faves, and I am considering keeping the other skein for myself! lol


monica said...

Lucky you, I am sure you will be getting some beautiful yarn. And good luck on the shawl! I have a few items that have been put in "time out" too.

fitknit said...

Congrats! I won a prize from Katt last year and they are really worth winning :)

That shawl looks lovely!