Sunday, March 18, 2007

Very Disappointing

I fell in love with this cardigan on the cover of IK winter 06 issue and went to my LYS to get some yarn. Well what a disappointment, I chose Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran and it's just not right. I don't get the definition that you are suppose to have in an Aran pattern. I don't know what the reason is, maybe it's the twist of the yarn or maybe because it's not 100% merino but a mix of 85%wool,10%silk and 5% cashmere. Don't get me wrong the yarn is a beautiful yarn and I have knitted with it before but it's just not the right one for this project. I will just have to find another 10ply and will need to be 100% merino to make sure I get the definition this pattern needs.

Help please, I would welcome any suggestions on what yarn you think I should use.
I've posted a picture for you all to see how bad it looks. I am usually a neat knitter and this just looks like a really messy blob of nothing.

This one I tried to get a close up pic so that you could all see it better.

Now On A Happier Note!

I've been shopping! That's one of the great lurks about having a job. Oh well, shopping in moderation. I am hooked on knitting Nancy Bush's socks, probably just hooked on knitting socks period. Having been knitting for over 26 years I only just discovered socks last year and I love, love, love knitting them.

Someone at worked asked me why I would want to knit socks? I told her I don't really know, all I know is that I love to knit them and hand knitted socks are wonderful to wear.

I also bought Barbara G. Walkers book to add to my library collection. I am thinking of designing my own scarf for my swap partner in the International Scarf Exchange 4 and may use something from this book for my design.

I also bought some JaggerSpun Zephyr from Yarns On Line to add to my lace stash. I couldn't make up my mind what colour I wanted so I went with Vanilla. I haven't chosen a project for it yet.

I also bought some Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn which I bought back in January from Sunspun but forgot to post the pics, no patterns picked for these yet either, Jared chose the purple and blue one for himself for a pair of socks. These colours are so beautiful and vibrant , the photo's don't really do them justice. I am a member in a couple of sock KAL's and forums and people who have used this yarn really loved it so I can't wait to try them.

Seriously, the stash is getting a bit out of control now. Plus I can't knit as much as I use to because I am working so that's really slowed down my knitting time.

I think I need to stop buying yarn for now because I have so many wonderful yarns to use that I have never knitted with before and can't wait to try them. Ok, that's it for this week, hope you all have a great week ahead!


Katt said...

Bendigo Woollen Mills has 10ply pure wool. You could always look there.

Oooh that Jitterbug looks gorgeous!!


sue said...

The sock yarns look so vibrant and yummy. I hope you find the right 10 ply you are looking for too. By the way Katt mentioned to me that you used to sell sock blockers on ebay. Do you still sell them and could you let me know if you do so maybe I could purchase some, or if you would know where I could buy some from. Any info would be very helpful too.

Bells said...

i would suggest trying something from Bendigo too - that might help. their wool is wonderful.

And if the photos don't do those colours justice, they must be amazing in real life!

twellve said...

hi helen. those are some of the most vibrant and gorgeous sock colors i've ever seen. i was wondering if you could tell me which colors those are exactly? i'm on a sock yarn diet at the mo, but that doesn't mean i can't plan for later, right? :)


Sue H said...

So sad when something doesn't work out, but the jacket is lovely and that yarn looks divine (love the colour) so I can see why you would want to combine the two. I'm sure you'll find a nice pattern to use that yarn for.
Those sock yarns, wow! Such lovely vibrant colours. Like you, I have been knitting for many years (longer than 26) and have only just discovered the joys of kntting socks.

Helen said...

Thanks for your advice girls, I think I will try Bendigo Mills, unfortunately their colour range in the 10ply is not very big, I think there are only about 5 colours.

The Jitterbug sock yarns are beautiful and very vibrant, I really love them.

Bells, where do you get the software from to be able to reply to people that leave a comment on my blog? It would be much appreciated if you would let me know please.

International Scarf Exchange said...

Hi Helen,

I'm sending out matchups for ISE 4, but I can't find your questionnaire. Could you please fill it out (you can find it on the ISE 4 blog) and email (or remail it if you already did) to isehostesses @ gmail . com.

Thanks, Dorothy

International Scarf Exchange said...

I found it! Thanks. Sorry about the pestering. :)

monica said...

I love the Jo Sharp yarn too, but with the silk and the cashmere, it is just too soft and drapey for a cable print. Good luck in your search for a more suitable yarn. I love the jitterbug yarn too. I love all the colors, and the ones you chose are gorgeous.

OzKnitter said...

How about New Zealand Naturally's "Merino et soie" in 10ply? It gives great stitch definition.

Wool Baa & Clegs keep it in stock.