Sunday, March 04, 2007


I have decided to take part in a couple of swaps. They are both a first for me one is the SP10 Secret Pal swap that I mentioned in my previous post and yesterday I signed up for the ISE4 International Scarf Exchange number 4. I have never taken part where I had to knit something for someone else so I am a bit nervy about it but I am also very excited and can't wait to start them both.

And more good news, finally after 39 years since he has 1st arrived in Australia my Dad is going back to where he was born, Budapest for a holiday. He and Mum are going to Hungary and Slovakia for a summer holiday for two months. When Mum told me Dad was going with her this time I was lost for words and so were my two brothers. Dad has always said that he wasn't interested in going back there for a holiday so you can understand why we are all so shocked that after 39 years he all of a sudden agreed to go.

I am very close to my parents so I will miss them when they are away but I am very happy for them and I'm sure they will have a wonderful time. He and Mum still have a sister each there and lots of nephews and nieces.

And now for my knitting. My Cameron shawl is coming along slowly but surely and the socks I am knitting for DH well, one was finished but it looked a bit short in the foot for my liking so I frogged it back and am making it longer. I have no pics to post today but I will post some later on this week.

Happy knitting to you all.


monica said...

Good for you parents. That will be a nice trip for them. I hope you enjoy your exchanges. your shawl looks lovely in the previous post.

Maureen said...

Hi Helen, saw your post on the KOTR group. Welcome to the group. Hope you enjoy knitting some of Nancy Bush's sock patterns.

Sue H said...

Hi Helen, I found you blog in Aussie Knitters. I too have signed up for ISE4 and SP10, having done SP9 and a couple of other swaps before. Aussie Knitters are also doing a One Skein + Choice of 3 swap, so go and have a look if you think you might be interested.