Sunday, May 06, 2007

One Knitting Disaster After Another

It's enough to make you cry - I can't believe it I was happily sitting knitting away on my new-Go With the Flow socks - pattern by Evelyn Clark from Favorite Socks I got from YarnsOnLine when SNAP the needle broke while doing a ssk. My brand new Lantern Moon Rosewood DPNS, I had five now I only have four, sigh.

My DH and DS were watching TV on the couch and my "OH NOOOOO" was so loud they both jumped with fright. DS said "what happened" while DH replied "it's ok, your mother just broke a needle". My DDS said "just stick it together with sticky tape Mum" isn't he cute, if only it was that simple. And if that wasn't bad enough I also made an error in the pattern shaping the gusset, I was decreasing in every row instead of every second row. I don't know where my brain is these days.

And look at this disaster!

I thought I was being so good and finishing some of my UFO's by knitting a little bit every lunch time at work. I thought I had better measure the two together and wouldn't you believe it I must have mixed up the needle sizes. The second sock I'm doing is a lot smaller then the 1st sock.

Look at the difference!

How could I be so stupid!

It's so frustrating, now I either totally frog the second sock and start again or I have another two skeins of this yarn and knit a pair to each of these. The Big question is do I have the patience to knit the same socks again. I guess I could always give one pair as a present to someone.
I am not one for knitting the same things twice,
it's been many many years since I've done that. What do you think I should do, what would you do? I still have DH's socks to finish as well. He keeps asking me when will he get his socks.

I don't seem to be able to get as much knitting done now that I am working full time. And I keep searching the net and reading blogs that forever take up a lot of my time. I think I'll have to limit how much time I spend on the computer because it's eating into my knitting time, not to mention the house work. And on that note I must leave you all and catch you next time.


Donna said...

Aargh! I bought some Rosewood sock needles, and I snapped one, too. (Not Lantern Moon though) The first time I snapped it near the tip so I shortened it and filed it down,but then I snapped it again, smack in the middle.
Random Knits

Shorty said...

I feel your pain! I just, I mean just (about one hour ago) did the same thing with my rosewood Lantern Moon Sock Stix. It must be in the air. But I truly hope not.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do about your socks.


monica said...

email Lantern Moon I bet they will replace it. Crystal Palace, Brittany Birch and Colonial have all replaced needles for me. It is worth a try.

Sue H said...

So far, touch wood, that has not happened to me. I use Brittany Birch and so far so good.
Perhaps put those uneven socks away, finish off your hubby's socks and then figure out what you want to do with the odd ones.