Friday, July 13, 2007

My Other Passion

It is my last day of my week off work for the school holidays and I decided to give my teddy collection a well deserved dusting. The poor things have been extremely neglected for a long time because of my knitting.

But first I wanted to show you these beautiful tulips I couldn't help buying when I went to do some supermarket shopping a couple of days ago.

I love flowers and tulips are one of my favourites.

These teddies you see I made myself. The picture of three of them together are my own design.

The others are my collection, some were presents and some I bought myself. One day when I have more time I will get back to making
some more again.

Do I have a favourite you ask? No, not really,
I love them all. I haven't added any to my
collection for a long time.

Too busy spending money on yarn that I probably will never get the time to knit.

I also had to show you a picture of my Mum's cabbage rolls.

Even though my parents have been living on
their own for over 20 years, Mum still cooks
enough to feed a family of five.

She made these cabbage rolls the other night and also made a pot full for us. They were very yummie!
And of course I like a lot of sour cream on mine.

It was good to get a break from cooking also.

As for my knitting news there is nothing much new really. I am trying to learn to knit socks on two circulars and to be honest I don't think I like the two circular needle method.

I am still knitting the Rowan RYC cardigan and the rusty coloured one from winter 07 Interweave Knits.

On the MS3 stole I missed a couple of YO's so I am contemplating - frog or not to frog. I don't use a life line and at times like these I wish I did. But if I don't fix the error then I know it will bother the hell out of me so I guess I'd better get cracking.

We went to see Shrek the Third today, DH and my son liked it a lot, I thought it was ok. I would have much preferred to see Harry Potter but I was out numbered, I guess I will just need to wait till it comes out on DVD or go on my own. Don't really fancy going to the movies by myself.

That's it for today. Back to full time work for me on Monday.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and happy knitting!


Sandra said...

Your comment on my blog came through as a no-comment so I'll reply here. I ordered Charmed Knits online at QBD bookstore. It was $22.95.

monica said...

I live life dangerously and seldom use life lines either. Those cabbage rolls look yummy, my mom used to make a cabbage roll that looked like that, she was a great cook.
I took the kids to see Harry Potter last week, I thought it was good. I am sure I enjoyed it much more than I would have Shrek, which my kids also want to see, but thankfully HP won.
Happy knittintg,
How is the shop coming along?