Sunday, February 10, 2008

No Camera!

I have to post without photo's today and at least for the next four weeks. That really sucks! I turned my camera on to take a photo to show you my projects that I am working on and there was only darkness showing up. You can imagine how upset that made me, I asked both male members of my household if they touched or dropped the camera and I received an instant NO from both.

So today I took it to the camera store for a quote, apparently it will take TWO weeks to get a quote if I am lucky and a further TWO weeks to repair! That means I will be without a camera for FOUR to FIVE weeks! I asked the guy if that's the BEST they can do and unfortunately for me it is.

So, I am sorry there are no photo's but here's the list of items I am currently working :

Autumn Rose: No change since I last posted about it. I haven't touched it for a couple of months!

Rowan Cardigan: I have not touched it for at least 3 months( considering frogging).
Here's a picture of it.

The Great American Afghan: I have started on that and am using Cleckheaton Country 12 ply in cream and using size 5mm bamboo needles. It's turning out a little bit thick so I don't know if it's going to drape nicely and I probably should have used Cascade220 but too late I already bought all the yarn for it so I intend to use it. The first square I am working is by Julie H Levy and I have found a couple of error in the pattern but managed to work them out.

This is an in between knitting project I am planning on doing. In other words if I get bored with what ever I happen to be working on I will stop and do one square from the GAAA book (this one was knitted by the Rainey sister-doesn't it look great!!!) hopefully this will give me the break I need to go back to working on what ever it was I got bored with. I seam to be suffering from the dreaded starting disease at the moment.

French Lace Angora Scarf & Beret: I have finished the main part of the scarf and one of the lace edges, I am really happy with how it's worked out. I am using Anny Blatt Angora in Gray and Black and I will also be knitting one in Camel and Black. This is a gorgeous lace pattern, I really love it. You can see a picture of it here. I am not knitting the beret for myself but I may knit it in the camel as I intend to give that as a present.

I have no idea who the recipient will be yet, most likely my daughter or my oldest friend who is having treatment for breast cancer at the moment.

Well that's it from me for today. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wish you all a great week! Happy Knitting to All!

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monica said...

Well, that is just rotten about the camera. I guess I should be happy that it is usually just battery thieves causing my camera to not function. And I know who they are : )

Looking forward to seeing all the lovely mentioned projects.

I hope you are all settled into your new home.