Sunday, March 09, 2008

I've Been Busy

I know I know, it has been ages since my last post but that's been due mainly to not having a camera. That's now back thank goodness and the best part is that there was nothing seriously wrong with it nor did it cost me any money. Apparently it was a sensor for which there was a recall by Nikon . I had no idea about the recall.

I have a couple of finished projects to show you. The first is the French Angora Lace scraf by Tink Knits - I really like the lace edging on it. The other is the Ultra Vest by Jo Sharp which was in hibernation for a while but it's all finished. I did it in Silkroad Ultra in Salsa and Birch colourway. All I need now is the cooler weather so I can wear these items. Not to worry I am sure winter will come soon enough.

I put the good news first showing off my FO but the truth is I have been bad also. I started another two new projects one of which I mentioned in my previous post and that is the Great American Afghan. The first block I knitted had an error in the written instructions. The second one I started was a request by Kim for the Tree of Life which is a lovely block but it too had an error in the written instructions so now I follow the chart.

I have no problems using a chart for my lace knitting but this is the first time I am using a chart for cables and it takes a bit of getting use to. I am glad I chose Cleckheaton Country 12ply for this project as it's going to take up 60 balls of yarn. Can you believe that? I have no idea how long this will take to finish. The basket of yarn sits next to the sofa so that if I get bored with a project and can turn to the basket and do a block of the afghan.
The other new one is this lovely hat scarf from Rowan Mag 42. I am using the Cocoon yarn in the Polar colour. This yarn is just a dream to knit with it is buttery soft. I just have to watch that the knitting needle doesn't split the yarn. I am using Knit Picks options but really I should be using Bamboo with a blunt point. I think this project I will finish in no time at all(at least I hope so at any rate).

I always seem to have a problem with V-necks and that's the stitch in the front that makes up the V. As you can see I made a blunder and had to pull it all back and re knit it.
There are a couple more projects I have on the go but I'll tell you about those another time because it's 1.32 am here right now and I really do need to go to bed.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


sue said...

The scarf looks lovely. I really like your tomato vest too. The cabled afghan looks great. I always prefer the written instructions to the charts, but that was the way that I learnt. I have to keep looking at the symbols all the time to work out what is what which is so time consuming sometimes. You will be certainly busy making 60 squares too, but I am sure it will turn out beautifully.

monica said...

You have been busy knitting. Everything is beautiful as usual. Glad you got your camera back : ) so you couild share them with us.

Helen Knits said...

Thanks Sue. I am the same too, I learned to knit cables with the pattern instructions not the charts and I too have to look at the symbols constantly it's very annoying. Plus the US terminology is different to ours or the UK ones and I am not use to them yet so that doesn't help. But I do love knitting cables :)

Thank you Monica. It is nice to finally have my camera back. I don't know why they have to take so long repairing them? But at least it is fixed now :)

Melinda said...

Your FOs look great! Love the colour of the vest. Hope you get a chance to wear it soon (not in this hot weather at the moment).