Friday, March 14, 2008

Update bits and pieces

I have no idea what to call this post it's about everything really. First for my stash enhancement.
HandMaiden Sea Silk- I bought these because they were on sale and because they are so gorgeous. Perhaps I have a problem and am addicted to luxury yarns. I have to tell you that it's not doing much good for my bank account. I really need to go on a yarn diet and implement some self control or seek help. LOL.

I bought these for the next Tink Knits French Angora Lace scarf which I will have to knit when we get much cooler weather. The weather this week in Victoria and South Australia has been unbelievably hot. It has broken all records. And we have never had such low supply of water as we do now. The government as per leaves it all to the last minute to do something about our water crisis. Anyway to continue with my stash enhancement......this yarn I first laid eyes on Donna's site Random Knits. This yarn is 70% Cashmere and 30% Silk in chocolate it's a much richer chocolate colour in real life. I seem to have a thing for chocolate colour yarn, shoes and clothes lately I have no idea why. I am not sure yet what I will use it for but it will most likely be a scarf or shawl and of course for me. I don't think I could part with it.
These little soft balls of yarn Kim chose. He wants me to knit a pair of sock for him from them. I have yet to choose a pattern.
And now for my total and utter disappointment. You remember the gorgeous Artyarns silk Kim gave me for our anniversary. I finally chose a pattern to use them on and it's a total disaster. Looks much worse on the photo then it does in reality but not enough for me to continue. It doesn't do any justice to this majestic yarn. This has never happened to me before. I am really peeved to say the least. The black yarn you see is what I used for the lace cast on.

I haven't had the heart to frog it but frogged it must be and a new pattern has to be found.
My other crappy news is I am not sure if you remember but I have been complaining of a sore right wrist for a long time now and I finally did something about it and had it x-rayed and also an ultra sound done and found out that I have osteoarthritis and the report also says that I have considerable cartilage loss as well. So I am off to see a Specialist next week.
My Doc says I am too young to have it.....what can I say. I am upset and I hope I don't have to give up knitting, I don't think I can give it up. My DD said "what are you going to do Mum you can't give up knitting it's your life!".

And on that note I must finish this post. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and happy knitting!


Maureen said...

The stash enhancements are beautiful - I love the seasilk - gorgeous colours!

Sorry to hear of your osteo diagnosis. My husband was diagnosed with the same - it manifested itself in his hip. He had to give up his big love - playing ice hockey. I suspect beyond the genetic factor, his 30+ years of playing football, hockey and lacrosse contributed to some of his ails. He goes to see an osteopath next month, so we'll see what recommendations he comes up with.

I hope you're not faced with having to give up knitting. Perhaps just pacing yourself so as not to aggravate the wrist?

Hope you're finding some relief from the heat. We're getting ready to leave behind a rather chilly winter and are anxious for some spring weather.

Helen Knits said...

Thanks Maureen. Sorry I couldn't reply to you by email but I don't have your email address and your comment comes up as a non-reply.

I will try and take it easier with the knitting. I am going to see the specialist tomorrow so I will see what he suggests. Sorry to hear that your husband has the same problem and has to give up the sport he loves. Hopefully the osteopath will help him in some way.

carrie said...

Please don't frog. Lace always looks like cat barf before it is blocked.
did you do a swatch ? before frogging , do a swatch , block it . then if it still looks like cat barf , jump on in the pond.

knit ya later

monica said...

I love all the stash enhancement. I have the same affliction with buying and buying yarn, I don't think I really want help though. Although I have been resisting the urge to enhance the last week or so, but I think the urge will soon win out.

I agree with pacing your knitting a bit. I notice that your lace is on straight needles I find circular needles are less stressful on the hand and wrist joints.

And I agree with Carrie about blocking a swatch before frogging.

I hope you and Kim are doing well : )