Monday, April 14, 2008


I wish I had some FO's to post about :( .........sometimes I think I am the slowest knitter in the world. I need/want more hours in a day... so I can go to my work..... walk the dog etc..etc...etc. My knitting project list is soooooooo big!!!!!! I told myself I am not allowed to look at anything new on Ravelry or the net until I finished what I've started so far. Don't know how long that will last for...., I'll just have to be really strong and not give in ( I think they call it willpower) I don't think I have any. Now for my update!

My order from Schoolhouse Press has arrived. I ordered The Opinionated Knitter and some lovely unspun Icelandic in Aubergine to knit thePi shawl. The size of these wool cakes are big! It fills my large white dinner plates. I've never knitted with this yarn so I am really looking forward to using it. In her book Elizabeth Zimmerman says that it's a great traveling knit and makes me wish I was traveling somewhere, anywhere but it's not on the cards I am afraid. Not to worry I am sure I will enjoy knitting the shawl all the same.

I don't know what's wrong with my camera because its making everything look dull. I guess I'd better read the instructions. I hate reading instructions/manuals I usually just want to get on with things and not waste time on instructions.

Here's a photo of Stef's scarf in progress I am onto the second skein of wool. It's a little darker then the first and now I wish I used both by alternating between the two. When I was winding them into a ball I could see a slight difference but chose to ignore it, I could kick myself! And for my Mystery Lace KAL I chose Juniper in Jaggerspun Zephyr. I bought the yarn from Meaghan at Yarns On Line and she was very thoughtful and wound the whole 1340 yards into one ball for me so as I won't have to do any joining. I also had these beads in my craft cupboard that match perfectly.

The beads are really nice and shiny not at all dull like on the photo.

My boot socks are coming along nicely. I didn't make them as high as the instructions state. At this stage I am knitting them for myself but I may change my mind and give them to someone else not sure who.
Ok that's it from me for now. Time to go and cook dinner which will be hard because last night I accidentally smashed my pointing finger on my right hand so hard that I almost broke it. Did some damage to soft tissue is what the Doctor called it. It looks like a fat sausage apparently it should be right in a couple of weeks. So now not only my poor right hand has osteoarthritis but a very sore finger as well.


2paw said...

Oh your poor finger. It is the Domino Effect, one thing is wrong wth you and then you just tumble down like dominoes!!
Nice knitting though, love the beads and the sock looks great. Dyelots and hand dyed wool are NOT here to help us!!!

monica said...

I love hand dyed yarn , but that can be frustrating at times. I have many pair of socks that are different shades. But I still love them and my hand dyed yarn.

I say you should get take out so as not to risk further injury.

Take care