Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Want to Break Free,,,I want to break freee...I've Fallen In Love....

Spinning........that's what I am learning to do. I decided it's time to pursue what I've always wanted to do and that is to spin. I've joined some groups in Ravelry to help me as well as groups here in Melbourne. A good friend of ours has an electric spinning wheel and Kim told me yesterday that she is more then happy to loan it to me. I am very excited!!!!!!!

There is the slight problem called time which I don't seem to have enough of......but hey I guess we all have that issue and somehow we still seem to make time for what we really enjoy doing. I will just have to make some time.

Last weekend we went to the Art's Centre market at Southbank(there is no pic of the market but it's on the left hand side by the river under the building is where they've placed the stalls .. referring to the large photo in the link. I bought a spindle and some 18micron merino from Charly at Ixchel and I am set to start. I love the colours of this top and it feels divine. Hope to show you some picks of my spinning in my next post.

On the knitting front I have finished Stef's scarf from the Malabrigo....I always have to look up
the spelling of it... terrible isn't it you'd think I would have learned it by now......hmm maybe I should buy more of this gorgeous yarn and then I'll learn how to spell it real fast now wont I?

Yarn: 2 Balls Malabrigo Worsted
Needles: 5.5mm/US9 Crystal Palace bamboo needles
Pattern: my own simple pattern of K3P3 x 6 rows I am very pleased with it and am glad it's done so that I can give it to her before winter sets in. She is having her six weeks of radiation treatment at
the moment. She is about a third of a way through it and seems to be coping well.

My Jo Sharp Tweed cardigan is coming along really nicely too. I've done the back and the two sleeves. My son chose a sweater/jumper for him self as well including the colour but I will post about that next time too.

I am also knitting a scarf from Jo Sharp Mohair in Cranberry and Silk Road Aran Tweed in Posie. This I will make as a present for perhaps one of my nieces or other friends or maybe I'll just keep it for myself.

I also have to knit a scarf and finish it by mid June for my daughter's boyfriend for his birthday. I have no idea what to give him as a present so I though a scarf will be a good solution.

I went and bought the wool today (pic's next time) and I fell in love with THIS from Brooklyn Tweed's blog. He is such an inspiration!

This is it from me for this week. I had a terrible night sleep or should I say lack of last night just couldn't get to sleep and eventually when I did fall asleep around 1.30 am I still woke up every time I tossed and turned and that was most of the night.

Then the cat decided to wake me up at 6am because he can't distinguish the difference between a weekday or weekend, he wanted breakfast. I usually wake up early during the week to get ready for work. Oh well perhaps I'll have an early night tonight.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


monica said...

That is some beautiful fiber. I hope to learn to spin some day.
Love all the knitting projects you have going. they all look beautiful.

2paw said...

So much nice knitting to look at!! I love the scarves, the colours are gorgeous!!