Friday, May 16, 2008

I have finally finished the little BSJ by EZ.
Yarn used: Shepherd Colour 4 Me
Needles: 4mm Knit Picks

I plan to knit the little Saartje's Booties as I have some left over yarn.

I am happy how it turned out and the little buttons seem to go well with it.

I still need to wash it and block it. Won't be this weekend though because it's suppose to be cold and raining. There is no hurry as Mum to be is
not taking maternity leave until August.

As for my silk shawl that I mentioned a few posts back has hit the frog pond. As you can see I needed to cheer myself up a bit whilst frogging so I did that by having a glass of champagne. I guess you could call it a celebration of finally making a decision to frog.

I decided to use the yarn to make the well known Clapotis. I feel like I am the only person in blogland that hasn't knitted one.

I have also cast on for the Tweed Cardigan by Jo Sharp.

I've gone for the colour Magnolia it's nice and neutral. I know it sounds boring, but really I needed cardi that goes with almost anything.

The yarn I am using is Silkroad Aran Tweed. This yarn is my favourite by Jo Sharp. It feels divine, it wears well and it comes in a good range of colours.

DH and I went shopping last night and by sheer luck I found just the right buttons to go with it.

I've been knitting a lot lately at the cost of ironing and house work.

I love it so much that I don't feel that I want to do anything else but can't be good surely?

I've always been taught that we have to do things in moderation. Perhaps I am obsessive compulsive?!

Our DS has been away on school camp came home today. They've been away for three nights and four days. The house was so quiet without him, mind you he is not a loud child but we missed his presence. He had a wonderful time which is great because he was a bit worried about being away.

I was really worried about his eating because he is such a fussy eater. Apparently I had good cause, they all said that the meals were horrible and the serves were small. Lucky he is not a big eater!

No doubt there will be a few complaints made to the school by a lot of parents including me.

That's it from me for this week. Hope you all have a great weekend :) and happy knitting!


sue said...

The BSJ looks so cute. How many balls of yarn did you use for it. I always love Jo Sharp patterns too and havent knit any in a long while now. Isnt the rain wonderful. It has been raining since about 4:00 this morning and is still going strong.

monica said...

Your BSJ turned out so nice and I love the buttons.

I am sure you need the rain but I am sick of all the rain we have had here. It seems never ending.

I love Jo Sharp patterns and yarn too. I have not knit with the Aran Tweed. I will have to give it a try sometime.

Glad your son had a good time and is back home. I hate when mine are away.