Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank You

I need to tell you all about a wonderful surprise that happened to me through Ravelry. On the 6th August I posted a question on the Estonian Lace Christening Shawl KAL group on Ravlery asking if anyone knew where I could purchase an Estonian Lace book by Leili Reimann. I did receive a response from Hazel the moderator saying that it was out of print and no longer available anywhere, perhaps to try on ebay. Then on the 25th of August I got an email from a wonderful woman saying that she had a spare copy of the book I was looking for and would I like to have it.

You can imagine my exitement and surprise when I read her message. Of course I said yes immediately and true to her word she posted the book to me all the way from Estonia. It's a wonderful book and I will put it to good use and cherish it always. A priceless addition to my lace knitting book collection. The lace patterns are charted as well as written and of course I don't understand the written ones but Aina has offered to help me with the transalation if I need it. A very big thank you Aina for sending me this wonderful book.

I would also like to say many thanks to Monica for awarding me "I Love Your Blog" award. It was such an honor and a pleasant surprise.
And now I need to nominate 4 other bloggers which is going to be difficult because there are so many blogs I enjoy and of course Monica's blog is one of them. Here are the instructions:

1. Post the award on your blog

2. Post a link to the person who awarded it to you.

3. Nominate four other bloggers

4. Add links to the bloggers

5. Notify the recipients

1. 2 Paw - I really enjoy reading Cindy's blog she always has wonderful photo's of her two Labradors Peri and Harki. And of course her favourite colour like mine is green!

2. Donyales Indulging my Inner Knitter blog. Donyale hand dyes and spins some really gorgeous yarn and I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Bendigo Wool Show this year.

3. Lilypily Yarns - Terri knits beautiful things has a wonderful vegie patch I would love in my garden and also likes the colour green.

4. Maureen's blog Five and a Beagle is another blog I really enjoy reading and seeing all the lovely items she knits. And we both make or used to make Teddy Bears.

Best finish up for today as it's getting late and I am a tad tired. Reason being is it's my DS's birthday this week and he had 5 boys for a slumber party. Needless to say none of them got any sleep and they were all super tired today. I must say though that they were all very well behaved and all had a great time.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


aivi said...

Hi Helen
I am Estonian living in USa who is addicted to lace knitting. I also have this book and if you need any translation let me know.


aivi said...

Hi Helen
Iam Estonian living in CT and I am addicted to lace knitting.I also have this book so if you need any translation let me know.