Saturday, November 01, 2008


After waiting for two and a half months Rowan 44 has finally arrived. Yeah!! This means I can now start on my Botticelli but and it's a BIG But I must first finish a couple of other items. I don't know if I can hold off till then. I will try to be good. And that brings me to give an update on my knitting.

I have almost finished my Tweedy Waistcoat I only need to do the collar and I will be done. Just in time to take it with me on our holiday more of that later.
I have also finished the front and back of my sons Jo Sharp jumper. It's miles too long but he keeps telling me that's how he want's it. Only the sleeves left to go and then the finishing off. I am going to do the sleeves in the round so there is not too much sewing to do.

And I have to show you a photo of our very first tomatoes. First time we have planted some tomatoes. Don't they look cute?

We decided to go on a 12 holiday/vacation to Airlie Beach in Queensland I do hope the tomatoes will survive while we're away. My parents will be coming to water them but it's the birds and the pesky possums that worry me. The last time we went to Queensland to Hamilton Island Jared was just 4 and he was too little to remember the trip. He want's to go snorkeling on The Barrier Reef. I went up there with my daughter many years ago to Daydream Island and we went snorkeling. It was the most amazing experience. When you put your head down in the water it's like you enter into another world. It's beauty is breathtaking.

I don't think I will be doing much knitting in the next couple of weeks while we're up there because it gets pretty hot and humid the only knitting I plan to do will be lace knitting. And speaking of which I have joined
Bell's " A Long, Lacy Summer". I haven't chosen a project for it yet although I am suppose to be starting the Estonian Christening Lace Shawl but I feel like doing something with beads although I don't think it will be a good idea to take beads with me. May need to leave that for when I get back home.

We're not going to have a computer while we're away so until then Happy Knitting!

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Melinda said...

The new Rowan book looks good - I like the pattern you've chosen. Have fun on your holiday.