Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Friday 5th December 2008

We have been back home for three week our holiday away was good and even though it was very hot and humid at Airlie Beach as planned I did manage to do some knitting. I took Diamond Fantasy with me and decided to frog the original and starte a fresh with a new ball of yarn and managed to get 9 repeats done. I found it much easier to knit it this time. And so my A Long Lacy Summer project is going ok.

A photo son took of me knitting on one of the days.

The photo of the shawl doesn't show it justice on how big it really is because instead of taking my time and blocking it out to show you my progress I asked my son to help me by stretching it out instead. Which turned out to be a bad idea as he couldn't do it properly and managed to pull a lot of stitches off the needle.. Oh well, that will teach me not to be in a hurry all the time.

Before we left I also managed to finish my Tweedy Waistcoat and again not a very good photo but I wanted to show at least one finished item .
I am reasonably happy with how it turned out it still needs to be blocked.
I did not enjoy doing the construction around the neck and the front lapels there has to be an easier way to put it together. I didn't have the time to play to find out but if I ever make another I would definitely try a different way.

My daughter and her partner have moved into the house they bought and I started on house warming present for them. I've been wanting to try Manos hand dyed wool and make this afghan for ages and now I finally get to do it.

It should be a quick knit as the yarn is 10ply. I was going to try to finish it for Christmas but I have too many other UFO's to try and finish first.

And here are some holiday pics. On the last day of our holiday we went to Whiteheaven Beach where the sand is so amazingly white. The white sand is also unique because it is so very fine it does not get hot and burn your feet like normal sand and we were advised before we went to shore to have a BBQ to leave our laptops, cameras and mobile phones on the boat because the sand gets in and destroys them.

I have now seen both extreme's of beach sand the Black sandy beaches in Hawaii when Kim and I went on our honeymoon and the beautiful white beaches of Whiteheaven Island in North Queensland.

The cockatoos loved coming up to our balacony in the evenings for a couple of crackers to eat and Jared enjoyed feeding them. Once you start giving them food though
they come for it at the same time every day.

And the next picture is a photo I took from our apartment we had beautiful views.

We had a great time! That's it for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Knitting!


monica said...

Sounds like a wonderful Holiday. SO glad you had a nice time, with time to knit and relax. Hope all is going well.

Your Tweed waistcoat from a previous blog post turned out lovely.

Maureen said...

That looks like a truly lovely spot to have some rest and relaxation!

Your knitting projects look great. You'll love knitting with Manos, if you've not tried it already. It's a wonderful yarn to work with.