Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday 15th March 2009

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post days are just flying here at the moment I guess runing around doing hospitals, doctors, blood test, scans and school drop offs etc etc time has to be moving fast.

Well after not having rain for 80+ days we finally got some yesterday and did it pour. It's nice that it rained finally we certainly need it but why can't it just rain normally then we wouldn't get flooded. We got flooded again in the garage and I had to do some heavy lifting and saving items because the water was coming in fast. I couldn't figure out why I had such sore muscles in my upper arms and stiff legs when I woke up this morning then I remembered...garage flooded. This also happened in December the last time we had deluge I think our weather is becoming more and more tropical...very odd.

Here's a photo of all the water it was up to my ankles and I was soaked to the bones but at least I managed to save some things where as in December I was at work DH couldn't lift things as he is ill and as a result we ended up loosing many valueble things.
I finally finished my son's Jo Sharp V-neck jumper. I won't say I am happy with it because I am not really but it will have to do. It was very long mindless knitting but at least it's done and DS likes it. It is way too long on him but he will grow into it. I just can't get myself to pull it back and shorten it. I know it wouldn't take much time but I am being lazy and besides there are many much more exciting things to finish
Like my Autumn Rose after hibernating for 12 months I have finally picked it up again and started doing some serious knitting on it. As you can see on the photo I had to frog it back because I made a mistake and then pick up all 296 stitches again.... I did that better then I thought I could. I always do some mindless knitting between complicated stuff to give my sore hands a break and at the momement it is two Noro Iro scarves inspired by Jared Flood from brooklyntweed but more about that later in my next post.

Well that's it for this post. Need to help out with homework and think of something to cook for dinner.

Hope you all had/have a lovely weekend with lots of knitting done!

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monica said...

I am happy you finally got some much needed rain. Sorry it caused flooding though. I think the weather is crazy everywhere.

I wouldn't rip the sweater back either, your son will grow into it.

I look forward to seeing your Autumn Rose.