Saturday, May 29, 2010

FO's & Gorgeous Yarn

There are times when you have so many projects on hand and it feels like you never complete any. And then there are times when you finish a few in a row and that is exactly what happened to me for change. I managed to finish 3 projects YEAH. I am happy with 2 but not the thrird.

I knit myself the Candy Strip Jacket by Spud & Chloe and I am not happy with the collar. Almost everyone on Ravelry who made it had the same issues. I think I will need to take the collar off and try and knit it onto the neckline. I hate frogging and fixing but it needs to be done as I really like this little jacket and don't want it ending up in the bottom of my wardrobe like a few others that I've made.

I have made my second Noro scarf and this time it's a present for my 19 year old newphew...I hope he likes it.

I am worried that he may not as I am not so sure it's a perfect present for a 19 year old boy.

The next thing I finished was Fetching. I've been wanting to knit this since it first came out and started it when we drove up the last time to the Bendigo Wool show in 2008 with my late husband Kim but it somehow never got finished.

I used Posh yarn Emily which I've had in my stash for at least 3 years. It's a gorgeous colour she dyes some wonderful colours.

A month or so ago I bought this beautiful aran merino/silk from Sundara Yarns. The colours are just a stunning combination of my favourite colours. I am not sure what to knit from this I bought 7 skeins so I can maybe even make two things from it. I have been trying to find a suitable pattern for it but still haven't made a decision although I really like this the Texture Pullover patter from Vogue Spring/Summer

Well I best get started on some house work and grocery shopping.

I have a sick boy at home, poor kid I had to pick him up from school at lunch time yesterday because he is not well. Caught the bug that's going around Melbourne at the moment. High fever and a caugh all the usual stuff no runny nose yet thank goodness. He had a high fever but it did break this morning which is good.
I just have to try and get him to take some breaks from the Playstation which is not always an easy thing to do. I am hopeing that he will be feeling much better by tomorrow so that we can attend his cousins birthday at the usual family birthday gathering.

That's it from me for now. I must try and post more often.

Wishing you all a great weekend and happy knitting!

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Katinspace said...

I've made the striped noro scarf too and I think the colours you picked are perfect for a 19 year old boy I'm sure he'll like it! :)