Thursday, October 21, 2010

Very Overdue Update

Well here I am again posting 3 months later I seem to have lost my interest in blogging. Maybe it will come back. Since I've posted the last time I've had to buy a new car. My DD and her boyfriend drove me around for two weeks to help me find a new car. I eventually fell in love and decided on a Holden Cruze.

It was extremely dfficult to part with the old car. Too much history attached to it because after all I did have it for 14 years. If the engine light didn't happen to come on and if it didn't keep breaking down on regular basis I would probably be still driving it today. But the Cruze if lovely and fuel consumption is awesome as I went for a diesel this time.

I've also bought some more lovely Wollmeise yarn the red is Twin in Ruby Thursday and the other is Tollkirsche and the purple is a Wollmeise lace I bought from a destach.

Green and Orange being two of my most favourite coulous when I saw this lovely orange tunic on Ravelry I had to make it.

The photo of course for the pattern was touched up so the orange is not as strong as it is in the photo it's disappionted but photos are always touched up. I still love the pattern and the yarn and I am currently upto the sleeves. I've had to stop because I need to knit at least 8 pairs of socks for Christmas presents for various people most however are my newphews and nieces. But more about that on my next post.
I am also working on my Brandywine shawl by Romi which is one of my many UFO’s or work in progress sounds much better :)

Great pattern and I love love love the yarn and the colours in it are beautiful. I’ve pinned what I’ve knit so far on a cushion to show off the gorgeous colours and the pattern.

And I will also be attempting to knit this beautiful Orenberg lace shawl. I have already bought the Belisa Cashmere that I want to knit it from. But both these beautiful project will have to wait until I have finished knitting the Christmas presents.

That's it from me for now.

Happy Knitting Everyone!!!!!

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