Sunday, November 26, 2006

HANGING VINES Remember my last post about it, feels like it's been ages since I started it. I guess it has. I finally finished it! And I should be getting a star from Lacevember for my finished project (I hope so anyway).

I am very happy with how it worked out. Next project? I'm not sure yet, there are so many lace things I want to knit that are on my list. I need more then this life time to do them all in.

I have socks to finish and I am dying to knit up my Mountain sock yarn that I got from Monica.

I don't want to start it though until I finish the other socks I haven't finished yet.

Recently I got some Merino/Possum lace weight and another Heartstring pattern from
YarnsOnline which I did plan to do next, but I think I might put that on hold for now.

Like Donna said on her site " Why is nearly everything I want to knit is made from lace weight?" and I am in the same boat. We lace knitters need more hours in a day, especially me as I am not a very fast knitter.

Must go now, my daughter is coming over for dinner and I need to cook. Desert is my most favourite part of a meal and today I'm making Rich Lemon Curd Sponge, I have never made it before so I hope it works out ok. My daughter doesn't really eat desert but I hope she will try some.

It's such a beautiful day out there today I will have to get stuck into the garden too and clean it up a bit. No knitting for me today until late tonight I guess.


Anonymous said...

Helen that's just beautiful! You have every right to be pleased with it. Well done!

I'll be interesting to know what you think of the possum/merino from yarnsonline. I'm keen to buy some but I'll wait a while.

fitknit said...


The yarn is a perfect match with the pattern!

monica said...

That is just beautiful. I saw it on the Lacevember site. I still need to finish something lace. I guess i better hurry.