Monday, February 19, 2007


Why Change it if it Works!
I was quiet happy putting up my photo's the old way when blogging but my DH in his wisdom decided that he should
upload Picasa2 for me. His reason for it was - " Oh it will be much quicker and better for you to use". Well, so much for that is all I have to say. I have uploaded or downloaded (I never know which) these two photo's three time now and each time, you have to sign into google, because it logs you out whenever you need to go back into your photo album to add or change a photo. And the other thing is that it won't allow you to minimize the window.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrghhhh the whole thing is really, really frustrating. I know he is the computer whiz but he is not putting any more software on for me until I know much more about how it works.

And just look at the size of the photo's and I have no idea what it will look like when I publish this, so fingers crossed that it will work.

The first picture is my progress on the Cameron Shawl. I know, I know it hasn't grown very much but it's my first lace project using cobweb weight yarn and my goodness it is very tiny yarn. But knitting with it in this heat wave we've been having is not too bad. My aim is to finish this by the end of this year, I know it's 10 months away but believe you me I think I will need every bit of it if not more.

Photo number two is for my Knitting Vintage Socks KAL - a lot of people in the group have finished theirs but I haven't even finished my first one. Since I've started my new job I have not had much time to knit. These socks I am only knitting occasionally at lunch time at work, so it's a bit slow going. I like knitting with this yarn it's lovely and soft and the flex knitting needles are very kind on my sore right wrist.

That's all I have for today. Hope everyone's had a good weekend.


monica said...

I can't see the picture at all, just a little box with an X in it : ( I will look back later maybe it is blogger. Glad to hear the job is going well. Congrats on Knitting Blogs

Scarlett said...

No picture for me. I tried Picasso and dislike it. So, I use
Much much easier. Try it just to see

Helen said...

Thanks for letting me know its not working. I have posted the two pics direct from my computer like I use to do as it works for me.

redgum said...

Helen, glad to see I'm not the only one who dislikes Picasa. I tried it, saw the shortcomings and promptly ditched it.

I decided to master Photoshop and I'm much happier with that result.