Saturday, May 26, 2007

Presents - FO - Photo's -Footy

I received my second parcel from my SP10 Pal this fantastic reference book on Aran stitches.
Many thanks SP10 Pal.

It was very nice being spoiled by receiving two parcels in one week.

One finished item, yeah!!! I finished my green socks, they don't look as bright on these photo's which is a shame -
Stats are: Go With The Flow Socks -Evelyn A Clarke
Favorite Socks from Interweave
Yarn: The Knittery - merino cashmere.
Needles: Lantern Moon Rosewood size 2.25

My replacement rosewood needles still haven't arrived, well they sort of almost did. The distributor sent me the wrong ones. They sent the Blond ones instead. I emailed them to let them know and returned them so hopefully it shouldn't be long before I get the others.

They were very apologetic and said that they will send out the correct needles as soon as possible. I hope it is soon.

Next is a picture of me showing off my beautiful shawl I received from my ISE4 Pal Sarah. I hate photo's of me but it's the best way to show the shawl. I wore it to work all day the next day. Thanks again Sarah.

And I had to put up the photo's of Amadeus because he looks so handsome and regal don't you think? And there is this one with him in the garden. He loves to chase moths and flies,

It's Saturday night we are spending it at home and Jared has gone to the footy with his friend and their family to see our team(tigers) Richmond v Essendon.

This is his first time going to the footy so I hope he enjoys it. So off he went with his Tigers hat and scarf and I could kick myself because I didn't take a photo of him. If I remember I will take a photo when they come home tonight which will be about midnight.
And lets hope and keep fingers crossed that the Tigers have their 1st win for the season whilst Jared is there watching. They've lost 7 games in a row that means they haven't won any at all since the season started. My co workers teased me because in the footy tipping I always choose the Tigers - they are the team I go for and I could never tip against them that just wouldn't be right. Kim says I will never win the footy tips that way, but hey, I'm in for the fun of it not just to win.

It's getting colder here so we are having beef&mushroom pie for dinner- it smells so good it's making me feel really hungry.

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope you all get lots of knitting done.


Sandra said...

Your socks and shawl look great! Lovely book present too :-)

Sue H said...

Love the green favourite colour.
So sorry Jared didn't get to see his team win, but what a great game it was. I think that Richmond needs to get rid of Plough, he's not a coach I have confidence in.........I'm a doggies supporter, and what he did to them was disgusting. I'm not saying he shouldn't have left them, he had every right to do that, but the way he did it..........'nough said.
Anyway, hopefully the Tiges will have a win soon for your sake, and that of one of my bestest friends.

Corrie said...

ohhhhhh lucky you! I'm still waiting for my goodies to arrive. waiting waiting waiting! love your puddy mum has always had siamese...they are my favourite!

Kathleen said...

Were you supposed to get size 1 rosewood double point needle. If so I probably got your needle. I received these in the mail. I called lantern moon and asked them why they sent them to me and that some one was probably crying, waiting to finish a project. If it is you call them, I think it was toll free, they are waiting to hear from you.


Sharon said...

I love the shawl Helen and the socks.

Oh dear we won't talk football this weekend, North Melbourne got absolutely slaughtered over in the west :(

Rachael said...

Go TIGES... I spose a draw is better than a loss, it's still points on the board?

Helen could you please email me in regards to some sock blockers?