Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OMG It Was For Me!

My parcel arrived from Sarah today. Yeahhh!!!! What great timing, we were on our way home from hospital because Kim's been having abdominal pains and our Dr wanted him to go and have it checked out in hospital. He will be ok he has a bout of gastro. We were on our way home and popped in at our local post office and my parcel was there waiting for me.

The box was damaged and my Post Office man Michael said to me,"you'd better make sure it's all there Helen". But you know what everything arrived safe and sound. And what a great package it is.

I could not believe that this beautiful Ene's scarf was for me. I can take it to work with me every day and put it over my shoulder when it gets cold in there in the afternoons.

And look at all the wonderful goodies I got as well, can't wait to try them all. I love jam, I sometimes get caught eating it out of the jar with a spoon, I do that with cream and honey too (I don't double dip, I normally just have one spoon full or eat the lot depending on how much is left in the jar of course).

I guess I must take after my Dad in that department because he does that too. So unless I eat it before hand I plan to have it on my toast tomorrow morning. And how cool are those stitch markers they will be perfect for my sock knitting, I will have to hide them from my daughter so that she doesn't nab them.

The Knit Picks sock yarn I always wanted to get but couldn't because as you all know they don't ship internationally.

I am a big fan of herbal teas, mint and chamomile teas I drink regularly because I suffer from heart burn and those are very good for that, Sarah must have intuition.

Well that's it for today my friends, seeing as how I didn't go to work today I best go and catch up on some much needed house work and look after a sick patient. I will post some more on my knitting in the next couple of days.

Thanks again Sarah for making my day!


sue said...

All of your gifts are wonderful, and that scarf is really really beautiful too.

monica said...

What a wonderful package. mmmmm butterfingers, I love butterfingers. I hope Kim is feeling better.

Sandra said...

Wow - you've been totally spoilt LOL. The gifties look great and the shawl is to die for :-)

Sue H said...

In my case, you don't dare leave an opened tin of condensed milk around as you'll lose it; I just can't resist.
What a wonderful package, and I just love the Ene's scarf.

Sarah said...

I am overjoyed that you like the scarf and goodies! It was such fun knitting it for you!