Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Am Back!!!!!

Hi Everyone!
I am so happy to be back!!! Today is the first day since moving house that we've got our internet up and running.

Boy, I've felt really lost without it. I didn't realise just how much I relied on it. I have missed you all and will be spending several hours playing catch up.

I have over 260 emails to read! Poor Kim, says they won't see me for days now that we have the internet back.
But as you can see while I've been away from the computer I got a lot of knitting done!!!!

I finished Amy's boyfriends socks just in time for Christmas.

His are the Opal ones, the turquoise, black and blue colours. I am pleased to say that he liked them he was very surprised when he opened the little gift box I put them in, even his parents were delighted with the socks.

I also finished my Black Purl colourway Lorna's Laces one(that have been hibernating for over 12 months) and I love them even though they don't match.

I have no idea why that's happened because I made sure I started at the same spot as the other so it's a bit disappointing they are very comfy though. These are my very first pair of handmade socks would you believe. I will definitely be knitting
more for myself.

Remember the Jitterbug yarns I
bought last year. I finally made a pair of socks from one of the skeins. I made these for my daughter.

When she saw my Lorna's she said why is she the only one that I've not knitted a pair of socks for? Of course that made me feel very guilty so I made her these right away it only took me 2 days I just used the pattern from the label. She wanted something bright! And bright they are, she loves them. I guess I almost met my challenge I set for the Southern Summer of Socks so I am happy.

I used 3.25m needles and was really worried that I may run out of yarn because of all the stories that I've read on the knitting forums, but I needn't have worried because there was even some yarn left over although I have to say that they are not very long socks. She loves the socks but we've been having such a heat wave here this summer that she hasn't had to opportunity to wear them yet. And just to show how hot it has been, here's a picture of Amadeus when it was 43 Celsius (109F)
Well that's it from me for now. I am off to catch up on my emails and all your blogs.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Barbara-Kay said...

Well done!

I have to tell you that I love the colors of Lorna's Laces, love the feel--but they do tend to pool instead of stripe, and they don't match. If you can be happy in "fraternal twin" socks, fine. But it is NOT related to your technique, believe me!

Maureen said...

Hey...welcome back! Glad to hear the move is behind you and you're settling in. Hope the temperatures are dropping so you can all wear those lovely socks. :)

Sue H said...

All settled in your new house. My daughter should also be pretty much moved in by now. All her stuff was being delivered yesterday as I was leaving to return to Melbourne. I too had well over 200 e-mails to catch up on.

monica said...

That is the nature of the beast that is Lorna's Luckily I don't mind it any more and have just come to expect and accept it since I love the yarn.

So glad to see you back I was just thinking of emailing you to see how you were getting along. I hope the move went well.

Melinda said...

I'm glad that her boyfriend liked the socks after all. Obviously grey is out and Opal colours are in!!

NattyChick said...

Great to see you back up and connected. As you can see, so am I now that we are all moved in and relatively settled. How is Kim doing?