Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday July 7, 2008

Last weekend we went away to Ballarat for the weekend we left on Friday morning and came home Sunday evening. Jared wanted to go to Sovereign Hill to pan for gold. He went with school last term and he enjoyed it so much he wanted to go again. We rented a house for the weekend and had a great time. Now if you are from Victoria or have been to Ballarat before you will know that it is really cold there in winter but a lot of people still love to go, it's a lovely historical town . We also visited the Art Gallery there and they have some wonderful wide range of art work there. I would highly recommend a visit.

While we were away I finished my Jo Sharp Tweed Cardigan. All I had to do is sew on the buttons so there was not much to finish really. I wore it unblocked (very naughty) I know I shouldn't have but it was cold up there and this cardigan is lovely and warm and very comfy to wear. I have now washed it and it's blocking away happily.

On Sunday we went fishing to Tuki trout farm because Jared and Dad enjoy fishing. Now it was really cold that day, so much so that Jared ended up wearing my Helsinki wrapped around him several times. as you can see by the photo. And I did some fishing too....

I finished my Waving Lace socks by Evelyn Clark. I enjoyed knitting them, it was a nice easy knit. On the photo it looks like I have huge ankles.. LOL... but it's the way I had to juggle the camera to take the shot. These are my first pair towards the 52 Pair Plung II.......I am 5 pairs behind :( can't see myself catching up either because I have to knit a jacket for my daughter for her birthday and also sons jumper which is now in hibernation until the jacket is done first. And then it's my sister in laws 50th in October and in my wisdom and perhaps stupidity (because I don't know if I can achieve it) I want to knit her a silk shawl for a present.

Socks Specks:
Yarn: Slim Merino in Peony from The Knittery
Needles: Lantern Moon Rosewood SoxStix 2.75mmOh and I did some wool shopping in Ballarat...can't go somewhere and not find a wool store. And I found the above that I really liked. Pictures of what I am going to make is to follow in my next update.

I am not at work today as I caught some sort of a stomach bug that my son had last Monday. And I've been so good at avoiding all the bugs. Oh well I guess it had to happen eventually didn't it Cindy? Cindy and I emailed exchanges about being ill and me so far being good not catching anything....spoke too soon I guess.

Hope you all have a great week!!

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monica said...

Your sweater turned out so nice and it does look comfy and warm.

Your socks are lovely. The color and the pattern suit each other very well.

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. We have had the tummy bug here too. I hope you are better soon.