Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two Shawls and a Third later

Time for some updates. And so as if there is not enough to do at the moment in my life I decided to give myself extra work and knit two shawls at the same time. I bought this wonderful pattern back in January from Nancy Bush at The Wooly West .

Because Kim was so ill at the time and my mind was on so many other things I kept starting it and making mistakes and frogging it about 3 times. Then I put it down and didn't touch it for months not only did I forget what I was up to but I could not find the paper work I was using either.

Usually I photo copy and enlarge the graph and then make notations as to what row I stopped at etc. But because of all the turmoil going on in my life I have no idea where I put it. So frogged again right back to the start up row but at this stage there is nothing to show you yet of my progress perhaps next post.
And I invested in some beautiful Alice Starmore yarn a while back to make her pattern from Piece Works Capillifolium Baby Bonnet Yarn but instead of making the bonnet I want to knit a scarf from it as there are no grandchildren for me yet on the horizon. The colours of this beautiful yarn is simply stunning. But of course I couldn't stop there.................................
I had to buy the beautiful Seaweed Wrap kit...I chose to knit it in the colour Sundew and when you first look at this colour you think its pretty ordinary but when you get into the sun light it lights up and is the most amazing colour. So this is my other shawl that I've started to knit and as much as I hate doing a swatch I actually did do one.
I love the Alice Starmore yarns and there will be other projects that I will definitely be purchasing from her there are so many beautiful designs it will be hard to resist and wait until I finish some of my other many projects but wait I must. I have to be strong and resist.

I guess that's about it from me DS and I are off to have some Yum Cha for lunch at new Chinese restaurant DD discovered and says it's the best food so we are going with DD and her man and then after that to my newphew's 18th birthday. My sister in law invited all of us for afternoon tea today after having a huge party last night so I hope they are up for us all visiting.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Until next time happy knitting!!!!!!


Rebecca said...

I so agree with you on the Hebridean is an amazing color and radiates vibrant colors as different light hits it. In fact, so many of her colors do's almost magical, isn't it?

I can't wait to see what you do with the yarn you got for your Capillifolium Baby Bonnet. I've wanted to get it and knit the bonnet even though I don't have any grandkids yet.

Have fun with your Seaweed Wrap! You know I did!

monica said...

What beautiful yarn and lovely patterns to use with them. I look forward to seeing them knit up.

Take care and hsppy knitting